About Us

Welcome to Lazlo’s Hungarian Meat Market!

We came to the United States with a dream. Our family is from Hungary and we always dreamt of opening a speciality meat market in the U.S.

We started Lazlo’s Hungarian Meat Market (formerly Hungarian Meat Market) in the 1950’s in the Yorkville section of Manhattan. During that time, most of the people in the neighborhood were originally from Hungary. As you can imagine, Lazlo’s Hungarian Meat Market was a welcomed addition to our neighbors and for many years they loved having us there.

We have since moved away from the upper east side of Manhattan, but we are still a family owned business that shares a passion for our Hungarian heritage with our customers.

At Lazlo’s Hungarian Meat Market we offer the same high quality meats with a little bit of everything else, including our homemade paprika.

We have a love and specialize in a variety of Hungarian style food and delicacies. We’re proud of our homemade sausages, double smoked bacon, dried beef and Easter Ham to mention a few. Our food is of the highest quality and always super fresh. And, we make our prices affordable so everyone can enjoy our mouthwatering meats and homemade spices.

Come and visit Lazlo’s Hungarian Meat Market in our store in Fairfield CT at 849 Kings Highway East or let us know what you need and we will deliver it right to your doorstep.

We ship anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

Contact us euromeatemporium@gmail.com