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The history of our Hungarian meat market has begun in the 1950’s on the so called “Goulash Avenue”, when Manhattan’s Yorkville district was mostly populated by Hungarian immigrants. No introduction was necessary to the smoked sausage, the Easter ham or the Szekely Goulash those times. Circumstances have changed since. As Yorkville’s last Hungarian meat market, we are committed to saving our culture and cuisine as well as familiarizing our visitors with them.

We use our original smoke-house and spices from our homeland to provide the quality, our customers got used to. Besides the usual Hungarian products like Kalocsa paprika, red pepper paste, apricot jam or „beigli” we also offer specialties of other European countries, such as German or Swiss chocolate, Greek and Bulgarian cheese, Polish preserved fruits and Czech beers.

We are famous of our home-made cold meats: the Garlic salami, the Tirol salami, the Csabai smoked sausage, the Boyscout sausage and our fresh bacons, pork hocks and hams as well as the cooked foods, such as the Beef, Veal or Szekely Goulash, the stuffed cabbage, bean soup, chicken soup - just to mention a few.

We welcome orders from restaurants and catering services as well. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and orders.

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